Bookings/ Reservations


Hassles of bookings and reservations getting in the way of your independence? As a senior, you might be forgetting an appointment or losing track of your reservations or just simply needing assistance getting things booked.

Hey Personal Assistant offers a wide range of services for seniors, from making restaurant reservations to booking movie tickets.. Save time looking by yourself and have us quickly book things for you while making sure you get senior discounts and great senior deals.


We aim to make your life easier by handling the things seniors don't have time for. We find the best deals on many services for seniors so if you're looking for restaurants with senior discounts or reservation and booking assistance with the things that are important to you.

Restaurant Reservations

We help seniors easily make restaurant reservations at their nearest restaurants, at their preferred time just by calling us. Hey Personal Assistant can also check restaurants with senior discounts for you.

Movie Ticket Reservations

Our personal assistants help seniors with everything from booking reservations to ordering movie tickets. We're here to make your retirement life easier, so you can relax, enjoy your free time and be more carefree.

Beauty Salon/SPA Bookings

We help with the most convenient booking and reservation services for beauty salons and spa appointments for seniors, making life just that much easier.

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