Online Shopping

online shopping

Do you often feel overwhelmed by going through the isles or pages to compare grocery items for the best deals? It can also be tiresome when you realize that you forget to refill your laundry detergent stock.

Let your Hey Personal Assistant handle these meticulous tasks. Just by calling, we provide you with assistance with groceries, medications, and pet supplies.

Online Shopping

There are a lot of benefits gained from buying and selling online. Shopping online saves you the cost of driving to stores, as well as parking fees. You will also save time by avoiding standing in line, particularly around the holidays, when stores are busy and packed with customers.

Online Ordering

Hey Personal Assistant is the best way for seniors to get help ordering online such as ordering food, gifts, and flowers online. Just by calling, we can help you get the things you need and when you need them.

Grocery Shopping

Free up your time. We will help you shop groceries online and reorder them based on your and your families needs.

Medication Ordering

Your assistant can take care of your medical and personal supply needs. It's a valuable service that we offer for seniors and with our sister company HeyMed Supply, we can make sure that they are delivered on time.

Pet Care Supply

We order quality pet care supplies for every type, age, and phase of your pet's life because they are your family members.

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